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I apologize in advance for the length of this post

Bottom Line is can I safely tow with my current truck and what upgrades should I do if at all?
(Buying another truck (2500HD) is definitely in the future, but will have to wait 2-3 years before pulling the trigger on that purchase.)

Hey fellas, I'm new to the forum and I have to tell yall that I don't own a duramax. I'm also new to towing, I'm looking to educate myself on all the factors that go into safe towing without jeopardizing my current truck. I have been searching for some info regarding towing on Nitto 420S and came across this post.

I currently own a 2003 Silverado SS AWD 6.0l on Nitto 420S 275/55r20 that has been babied and currently has 110K miles on it due to it becoming my daily a couple of years ago. The towing capacity seems to be between 7400-7900lbs. I've searched all over on the SilveradoSS forum and it seems that it's difficult to find the actual cap on this truck.

Nitto 420S 275/55r20 specs:
Max load: 2833lbs at 50psi

My current hitch specs are:
max trailer weight: 5000-12000lbs
max tongue weight: 600-1500lbs

I'm definitely going with a weight distribution hitch most likely with a 800lbs tongue weight and up to 10000lbs.

I'm looking at purchasing a travel trailer that has a dry weight of 5400lbs. I know it's light for all you guys that drive them big boy trucks, but as i said, I'm new to this towing stuff and want to be safe with my family in the truck and other families I'm sharing the road with. I hope i didnt leave anything out. Thanks in advance.
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