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ok im trying to install a pioneer avh-3200dvd into my 2005 GMC- nonbose, non onstar, just a single cd-

now when i had a "audio expert" tell me how to wire this thing up, he said i would most likely only have one plug in the back of my radio, the big one. well i had both the large and small.

he gave me a kit for bose equipped trucks and told me to just use the large plug, so i did. only problem is- i have no 12v ignition power in the plug- hell i checked all the plugs on my truck and i cant find the 12v switched in the two radio plugs.

was i supposed to use both plugs? the kit says to only use the "little black box" for trucks with amps, which i am not

any help would be great guys!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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