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air bag??

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I would like to buy some air bags for my truck with on board compressor and dual switch controll.

My question is with my 6 in lift do i need to get some sort of spacers to make the ride rites work.
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I'm not 100% sure but I dont believe so, they can be mounted on the leaf springs and since you probably have a block or ad a leaf to lift it then the distance from the frame to leaf spring should be the same.... at least thats how my buddies old ford is....
When I had my truck with the 6in lift if it didnt have the spacers the bags would be stretched out to the max and they wouldnt of done any good if it werent for the spacers. Here is a pic of the spacer before I put the bags on.


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yes you will need some spacers, or a bigger bag.
You can check out my pics of the air bags in the back with a RCD 6" lift. i don't know too much since i just bought this truck but still have 3 weeks left in Afghanistan. If you have a specific question, i can ask the guy i bought it from.
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Yes you need something to take up the extra space. I'm just going through this right now with only a 1.5 inch add a leaf. The bags don't really work right when they are stretched out.
Vandy, you have a pic of your truck with the lights mounted behind the grille? I've been thinking about doing that. Do you find that the grille obstructs the light at all?
You will need spacers. A lot of compaines sell them. Unless you go larger bags. HD kits mount to the frame where the stock bump stop goes and they come with mounts that sit where the bump stop would sit. Unless you get a kit for a 1500 which mounts to the side of the frame and mounts to the top of the leafs. You'll need to do some drilling. But it will only work with blocks not full lift springs. The bags for a 1500 and a 2500 are exactly the samr, just the mounting is different.
if your lift kit you got came with a spacer to drop the bump stop on the rear axle you will not need a spacer. if the bomp stop is in the stck olocation on the from you will need a spacer. air lift makes spacers
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