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I have to admit the lack of a way to put in extra switches is my only disappointment with my new truck.

The truck came with one switch and I was told it is to run a bacon and that I you are supposed to drill a hole in the roof to wire the beacon. But I down need a beacon and no way am I drilling a whole in the roof. So as thing sit now this switch is worthless.
I included a picture of the worthless switch.

So what I am wonder is how people put electric switches in their truck, I like to see pictures if you have them. And I need to figure out the best way to get wires thru the firewall ???

I want at least 4 and maybe 6 switches depending on how I final decide to wire up everything.

If it looks like its going to be to much of a pain in the butt to wire in switches I am thinking about using a wireless trigger
TRIGGER Wireless Accessory Control System | Home

If anyone has used one I would like to hear how it worked

Thanks for any input



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