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Out of curiosity, did you do the same test with a CAI? I don't think it would make much of a difference sitting at a light with either intake unless you had a functional ram air hood.
I did. i would see 190 at lights, stock. After the CAI that I use was installed, it never gets above 130. It still rises, but not near the kind of peaks I was seeing.

It turns out, this IAT rise is so important, it even makes a difference on how much fan you get. I don't have a scientific result to show you, but my fan time running in town is much less than before the intake.

Think about it also. That 200 degree airbox air gets even hotter in the turbo and heats the CAC more. The CAC sheds this heat, past the radiator to the fan clutch, and then the fan comes on.

That stock box is a menace, but probably not so much so in alaska. :)

I did tow in 100 degree weather. And from stop light to stoplight, the IAT heated up to 260 degrees. When I tried to pull away from that light, it just hickuped. It was so slow to accelerate, till I got to 40 mph or so, i thought it was going to just quit. Thats when I got the intake, and that hasn't happened since.
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