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I had the service airbag message come on recently on my 2006 2500HD 6.6. I bought a Foxwell scanner that can read SIR and ABS codes for GM vehicles. It pulled a B0103 code for “electronic front end de sor 2 performance”. I believe our trucks only have the center impact sensor, so I went out and replaced it. I resistance tested the old and new sensors, and the old sensor had an open circuit and the new one showed resistance. Seemed like a smoking gun.

I turned the truck back on and I’m still getting the airbag light, and the same code is still present when I scan it. Strangely, I can read the airbag module codes, but when I try to clear the DTCs, I get a “no communication error”.

Anyone know what might be going on? Already sunk $300 into a scanner and new sensor...any help would be appreciated.
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