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I am having issues with one of my airdog hoses. The return line that connects to the "T" in the filler neck just upped and popped off on me one day, leaked about half a tank before it was noticed. That was fun. I've now got it on to where it seems sturdy, however it's definitely still slowly leaking as there's fresh diesel on that line daily.

Long story short, have they changed the design of that fitting that goes into said "T"? On mine the hose fits on the "T" via a çonnector that is held in place by a retainer clip, however reading the updated instructions I don't see any mention of that retainer clip. Mines been installed since 2010 so I wouldn't be surprised if it did change, not to mention this retainer clip design obviously has its flaws.

I just want to make sure if I order the updated fitting (looks to be part #FQC12S) it will hook up to my old existing filler neck "T"? TIA!
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