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So will running the stock CAI hurt me if I'm running an extra 40 or 90?

There will be no difference, not even if you run 200 HP.

No offense to anyone, but airbox hacks are for people who have bottles in the medicine cabinet labeled "Placebo pills, in case of emergency, take entire bottle immediately".

You will always feel better afterwards.

I am in wonder of the masses who will voluntarily hack to pieces an engineered intake of a $45,000 vehicle, based on the unsubstantiated recommendations of hack companies.

You do still need to worry that IAT will rise if you tow with the fan on, up to 160 is possible. This is bad for everything, including mileage, but really murders the turbo over time. It is not easy to change, but it is better than the over 200 F crowd with the older airboxes.
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