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Hello, I'm Mike.

Alright everyone im at a loss. I have tried just about everything I can think of to get this allison back to working order and I have been unsuccessful.

So here is the story. I have a 04 f-350... Stay with me please. I dropped the 6.0 and put in a 24v 5.9 cummins and set it up with a P-Pump. It is mated to an allison 1000 5 speed trans. The trans will shift from first to third and then wont shift into 4th from there. When you put it into reverse it will roll back for about 3-5 seconds and then pop into neutral. Once the trans decides its not going into 4th gear the trans light malfunction indicator light will begin flashing. Once I connect my scaner to the TCM OBD2 port I can clear the codes and it will do the same thing again. But the weird part is it will give me different codes some are recurring but not consistently. The allison is a re-manufactured x-caliber 1000PK-R. It has about 10,000 miles on it it has never had hard pulls and has only done some medium duty towing.

Here are the codes I have gotten so far.

P0746- pressure control solenoid A performance of stuck off
P0777- pressure control solenoid B stuck on
P0733- gear 3 incorrect ratio
P0735- gear 5 incorrect ratio

So surely a $10,000 trans should not be having issues within 10,000 miles so I went through and checked all of my connections and everything seemed to be in good order. So after a about 10 hlurs of chasing wires checking connections I decided maybe the trans fluid is dirty and filters are clogged so I changed the fluid and both the sump filter and spin on and gave it some new fluid. I did not find any lage debris in the pan or on the magnet just some very fine clutch plate material that I would assume is normal. But the issues persisted.

So at this point im thinking I may have a bad solenoid so I dropped the pan and tested all the solenoids. Everything was within allison OEM ohm specs.

I then decided maybe something got sucked up into the valve body and is actualy blocking the valve body from allowing proper flow. So I then tore it down pulled the valve body appart cleaned and inspected everything and didn't find anything of suspect.
I figured maybe with it being cleaned out it will shift properly now. Put everything back together using ATF as lube and reinstall the valve body. Fresh fillters and ATF again. Hopped in took it for a spin. Same issues.

At this point I'm not exactly sure where to go.
So i am hoping somone on here could give me a push in the right direction.

Could it be a voltage regualtor issue?
- not getting any codes for low or high volltage

Is it a TCM issue?
-I'm able to pull codes, and im not sure exactly how to test that. It is a custom allison controller from CAC conversations.

Any ideas out their?

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Join and ask this there. Much more guys there who have cummins swapped fords👍
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