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Posted this in another area with little response. Posting it here for more help...

Hi, I am a 17 year old and I just bought my first diesel - 2003 sierra LB7 with 180k miles. Its in amazing condition and I'm looking to do some upgrades to it. I've been looking at the Airdog 100gph lift pump, but after reading some other threads, someone mentioned the "Duramax Dual Fuel Filter"

Duramax Fuel Filter Kit

I was wondering if anyone can offer advice on this kit or any reviews/experience. Again, Im brand new to the diesel world and know the importance of a lift pump. Just thought this one looked good, quality and price wise.


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It's okay priced for what you get. I don't think their kit includes the power goodies (wire, relay, fuse tap, etc.) though.
Just not a fan of splicing into the hard lines, vs tapping at the fuel module outlet tube at the tank. The flex line there that you replace, can be a leak source as the fuel system ages.

You're looking for high volume, not high psi. So a small lift pump will work well.

You can put together your own kit; most every major filter mfr offers an aux filter head ($20-$30). Add some 1/2" bulk bio-fuel compatible fuel line, clamps, and a small pump, power on relay, wiring....

Those top mount filters are Baldwin's FB1311. Hastings makes a side mount too (KF-33).
They're 1-14 thread, which fits a variety of popular Diesel filters (BF1212, BF7633)
Just depends on how you want to fab your mount for it all.

Some ideas and pics here;

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I like my AirDog 100 and it's been good for a long time.

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