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So I made the annual trek back to Hershey, PA. Last time was 2019 BC (before covid), and since I went thru head gasket purgatory I thought a report was in order. You can see my rants in other posts about that, but I only had 1 errant issue that threw in a proverbial wet blanket. Those got-damnedable plastic return tee fittings on top of the injectors. One of the clips was apparently ½ off the groove and randomly leaked but with help and emotional support we got it handled. :sneaky:

Performance? Well, she's back and better than ever. I run 235/85s so my mileage and MPH observed are about 4% off, or better. My magic towing RPM number is 2100. I was hauling a car and the full overhead of my 5th wheel full of parts, some of that pretty dang heavy too. All in I'd say we hung about 8000 on the back which is light by comparison to other trips. Temps only went "center gauge" on long inclines but otherwise remained ½ way between 160 and 210. Overall mileage was a very pleasing 11.7 corrected for the 4% difference and the fill up consumption numbers also bore that out. Happy? You better believe it. While in purgatory I "corrcted" the Edward G Robinson, closed off the turbo "silencer" and replaced the left and right ex manifolds. Never ran hot, had plenty of nut for the steep grades on 322, and best of all were the round trip fuel numbers. There were times I'd run a bit faster to see how she'd do and get away from a few crowded traffic foibles. You know, those mopes who won't get out of your blind spot, the idiot who slows down next to you outta fear, or the slap-fk that passes and slows down multiple times? Yeah, those mopes. All in all the simple mods and service gave me a better truck. She done good even with the temporary fuel return fitting issue at the beginning. One observation, by blocking the silencer you're supposed to hear the turbo a bit more? Not in my case, doesn't sound a bit different except maybe once in a while on a coasting slow down, if that. Any input? I did it in hopes of reducing turbo lag, which maybe it did. I didn't 'A-B-A' test for it. FWIW I did have my temporary roof deflector installed too, just not in this picture.

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