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?????Another tire question?????

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I am looking to put Nitto Terra Grapplers 305/55/20 e rating on my truck. It'a a duramax 4x4 BTW. The rims are 20 x 9. What can I expect with this setup? Will I have to crank the T-bars a little? Shave bumpers? Give me some idea???
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i have a 06 lbz 2500HD with 305-50R20 mastercraft on it witch is about 1/2 inch shorter then your nittos,with my truck i had to turn the bars up so the truck sits level,but with that little bit taller tire you'll probably have to do some remodeling or a lift in real hard turns it rubs on the inner fenders of my truck
what wheels do you have?mine are the eagle alloys
American racing has a lot of wheels..... be cautious of backspacing when you are looking for wheels.... not just a 8 lug... its the proper fitting 8 lug...
i use to sell american racing wheels but had some difficulty with them so i switch to eagle alloys and some other brands also.the thing i like about eagle alloys its an american made product verses the american racing wheels are china built.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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