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?????Another tire question?????

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I am looking to put Nitto Terra Grapplers 305/55/20 e rating on my truck. It'a a duramax 4x4 BTW. The rims are 20 x 9. What can I expect with this setup? Will I have to crank the T-bars a little? Shave bumpers? Give me some idea???
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ya you need a leveling kit at least, i got the tires to clear on my mine with the 305's. you will also have to make an angle cut on your valence, and if you have mud flaps cut some of that off too... and it will still rub a little, but not bad...
American racing has a lot of wheels..... be cautious of backspacing when you are looking for wheels.... not just a 8 lug... its the proper fitting 8 lug...
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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