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Any good Transmission builders in western PA Eastern OH?

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I tripped code P0735 the other day and probably will have to get my tranny done.

Does anyone know of any good builders in the western PA Eastern OH area?

Or should I just by a suncoast 4 and install it myself?
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P.M staff member duramaxbd03. He just had his trans rebuilt near youngstown ohio :cool:

you have the Big Dipper in Baltimore MD.
Is the Big Dipper good?

What did he do to your truck?
yes I told him I wanted the same trans he built for his truck,which is what he did for me.I do have a different convertor because I use that truck to tow.
PowerMax Performance in Salem Ohio is who built mine. Give them a call. 1-330-853-7739 Talk to Matt. They will take care of you.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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