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Any recommended tuners in Charlotte area?

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Does anybody know a real good tuner in the charlotte area for a LMM Duramax??:help
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Yeah, local doesn't always = good.
DSP5 switch is a cinch to put in. Just gotta make sure the pins are seated correctly and in the right slots. Getting a good ground seems to be a difficult task for some so if it doesn't work right the first time start there.

The switch can be mounted anywhere you want really, just gotta have enough wire. It's not hard to mount either. There's a thread on here on where people have mounted theirs if you want some ideas.
I understand EFI Live is the Bible as far as best, but do I really need to buy one or I have seen them on here where they will send you one and the switch and you program your truck and send it back? Whats the best way??
For you renting a V2 would probably be best if you want EFI Live. It's a simple process and whatever vendor you rent the V2 from can probably make you a package deal on exhaust.:drink

And I was just fixin to say Meyer has another option^^^
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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