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anyone her running 19.5's?

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post pics andsay what the advantages/disadvantages are. my dad just bought a 03 K3500 standard cab, SB. it has 118,000mi on the 6.6 and allison. it was hesitating really bad but we changed the filters and it runs great now. we are wanting to get some 19.5s because of there resistance to puncture. as we will be hauling heavy loads and in areas that cleanup is being done. i dont really know what rims are out there that look good so post the pics of your truck with them if you have them.
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I guess not... so what kind of wheels are u guys running on your dually trucks?
i'm runnin the stockers for now,but i plan on runnin the 33-15.50R20 on a 20by15 wheel for the rear and for the front i putting the 33-11.50R20 with 20by9 wheels,the rear will have a super single....but there is to much stuff on the list that will get done first before the wheels and tires:drink :D hope this helps
you know i never thought about the super singles... what type of rim are you gonna use?
sounds like your truck is gonna look wicked awesome bro.:drink :cool
I honestly never thought about changing them over. I own a towing company and specifically wouldn't buy a 2000+ 3500 because of the woosie 16inch rims.

I wonder if it is possible to change over to a 19.5 :confused:
sure it is. american eagle alloy makes a set that is 19.5 that will bolt right on. tyre boyz provided a good link.
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