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Been reading the instructions, and it looks like it can be used the same as Snow's MPG-MAX kit, and David has stated that the controller only needs to be out of the sun to keep it cool

Coolingmist said:
we sell the controller for diesels that do towing. There are zero issues with it. The only thing you cant do is install under the hood. Our gauge and vc2 must be installed in the cabin.

I had a customer once that installed the gauge in the corner of the windshield and it got very hot due to the sun beating on it during the summer. When that happen the gauge is off by about 3 psi.

The circuit board was designed to vent extra heat and is very efficient.

Been looking at one, not for towing but because it seems that the second nozzle can be set separately, it would work great for a pre-turbo nozzle.
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