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Hey Guys,

I am repairing my 2013 LML dually atm, its quite a shit storm and was wondering if theres anything worth upgrading while the truck is going to be apart. I use the truck to haul 1 car enclosed gn trailer for work, so it's not like it struggles to pull the trailer, just wondering if theres anything that is worth upgrading.

Oh and I suppose the most important thing to mention is that I am located in Ca, so deleting is def not an option.

I am replacing the heater core, so the interior is basically removed.
Also the egr cooler bypass valve is bad and the turbo vgt is sticking so the turbo is also coming out. I am probably just going to rebuild the turbo myself with one of the kits that comes with a 360° thrust washer and replace the vgt actuator.

The front exhaust portion is being dropped and the downpipe is coming out, and I have all the intake off, I have the intercooler pipes off just to give me more room. I took out any brackets or mounting plates and cleaned and painted anything that needs a little cleanup.

I was curious I suppose if it's worth doing a downpipe, being that they lower the egt's, and honestly I dont want to put the POS heat shield back up behind the motor, and it looks like it's not any more difficult to put an aftermarket down pipe back up there without the heat shield, than the original downpipe.

Just wondering if something like a intake, s pipe, intercooler pipes, or the turbo mouthpiece, up pipes? Y pipe? Y bridge? Thanks for any input guys, also curious on the recommended brands for parta or kits.

Also since the truck is this far torn down, is there anything else that is worth replacing in terms of preventative maintenance

Since the truck is down, installing an edge egt sensor and the edge cts2, I also have an exergy fuel system saver to install, I have an airdog II 100, I have factory rear pads/rotors, diff fluid, to do the rear brakes and fluid. And a self leveling air bag kit. Truck has 206k miles and has been absolutely stellar, and the turbo I am pretty sure was my own fault or stupidity or maybe should I say ignorance.
Thanks in advance and I appreciate any info or perspectives. Tips... etc

Specially if u took the time to read the whole thing.

Thanks again

Take care

Ps hope this is the right spot to post this in.
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