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At a rest area, help please.

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Anyone available for a phone call to help with a lb7? It would be hard to explain in type?
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Chris Kelley said you could call him too 276-233-0097.
if you still need help my number is 719-252-3952
We should start a phone number thread!

To the OP, Did you get the problem solved?
Talk about an awesome group of guys! I salute you!:drink Wish I could fax ya'll beers!
A Root Beer would work just fine for me...Thanks though!
it must have been a problem with the ppe. still, chris kelley was a big help. you cant beat a guy that will stay on the phone with u until u feel like everything is right.
my truck started to sound and act like it was winter time and i had just started it. i know it sounds crazy. my idle was at about 900 and my engine temp. stayed at like 120. so you can imagine how that was trying to stay in traffic on the interstate. the tranny was shifting like it was below zero. anyway we checked all the necessities and put her back to stock and she drove like a champ for the next hour or so.
i made it home and i appreciate everyones help!! looks like its time for a tuned ecm or efi.
I would try installing a PPE tune and see what happens...
if we made a phone list the quacks and sells people would drive us nuts, I hope you get it running, By the way I married a Titus girl
What it a Titus Girl?

Do you mean that it your father in law's name?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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