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aux fuel filter anybody using them ?

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racor makes a really nice set-up for the d-max it mounts to the left side of engine above powersteering pump .i just want extra filtration
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Kennedy Diesel or Nicktane....seems most people who buy them are very happy
i want one forsho

it sure is a nice setup too.Racor designed the fuel system filter assembly for the Duramax also if I remember right......
racor designed the filter and the housing on the d-max. I have a kennedy and I love it.
Wait what does this Item Do?
it is a filter you add before your stock filter. to help filtration i know racor updated there design, and moved it from under truck to under the hood which would be easier to service i could only find three filter set-ups, kenndy, nicktane ,and racor i going with racor which makes the oem filters they all are around 200$
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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