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Is the regular Companion base adjustable?

No adjust and a flat bed?, just change the pin box.

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What's this about raising/lowering the Companion? Mine didn't have height adjustments. I called B&W and asked about taller risers, no bueno.

Of course, I have the flatbed Companion base. Is the regular Companion base adjustable?

And to all the guys worried about newer trucks being too high for their 5er's.....get a flatbed, perfect for 5ers. My truck pulls them a little nose downhill. That's why I asked about higher hitch risers. When I back up to trailers that other trucks have dropped, I usually have to lower them down a couple inches to hitch up.
This applies to RVK3500. Unsure what specifically a flatbed 5th wheel would be for differences, if any?

My buddy who sells trailers says that all Axles in new 5'ers are flipped from factory.


21 - 23 of 23 Posts