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bad upper balljoint

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autozone told me they dnt sell the balljoint they sell the control arm with the balljoin and i forgot to ask if the balljoint is pressed in the control arm already can somone answer this for me plz
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You can get it either way, and yes it is pressed in. You can rent the tool to remove it, that is what I did. I have heard of a few that have had the new ball joint pop out. I have yet to have this problem. You could always put a tack weld on to make sure it did not come out though. I priced out the new arm at NAPA and it was around $179 or $358 for 2. For a little more you can get the Cognito UCA "Norcal Nick vender on here"which comes with a new bolt in ball joint, and new upper control arm bushing's. Plus they should improve your ride. I am saving my pennies for going that rout soon:drink
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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