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Sorry for beating this topic for the millionth time here, but I was wondering how/if it was possible to base the quality of my injectors off of pulse width? I know when you check balance rates there is a spec they should be within. I am just checking with my PPE right now trying to get a basic understanding of how bad they are, and was wondering if there was a "spec" or something to base my numbers off of.

I did my test in park and gear just like a balance rate test would be done, here is what I got:

Inj 1 PW 3.3Ms
Inj 2 PW 3.0Ms
Inj 3 PW 2.5Ms
Inj 4 PW 2.8Ms
Inj 5 PW 2.4Ms
Inj 6 PW 2.5Ms
Inj 7 PW 2.5Ms
Inj 8 PW 2.6Ms

Inj 1 PW 4.6Ms
Inj 2 PW 4.3Ms
Inj 3 PW 3.7Ms
Inj 4 PW 4.2Ms
Inj 5 PW 3.3Ms
Inj 6 PW 4.4Ms
Inj 7 PW 3.7Ms
Inj 8 PW 3.9Ms
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