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BD-Power Duramax Exhaust Manifold

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I have been considering getting one of these replacement manifolds from BD. Is it worth $300?? I would like to hear some success stories guys... help any with the outrageous EGT numbers?? Thanks!!
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I dont have any comments on the manifold, but if your looking to lower egts, you might want to consider a ppe boost controler or a kennedy diesel boost stick to raise the boost levels. i ran a boost stick for a while i got an average 150* drop in egts while running a edge stacked with a predator programer. The added timing of the programer also helped lower egts also.

What kind of egts are you seeing?
Those arent to bad, the dmax stock will hit 1300+towing? Towing i run no more than 1200 but other than that i really dont pay attention to the gauge. Ive seen it come down from 1800 at the track though!!!! With my current tuning i max at about 1500. High egts for short burst arent bad but getting them up there and keeping them there is bad.

What power level do you see these at? A boost adder to get the boost up to 28/30 psi will keep them in check but still the more power you run the higher the egts will be!
It takes about a 1/2 hour if you good with this type of stuff but isnt hard if your not, the only thing thats hard is you have to loosent the ac compressor and push it aside, leaving the lines hooked up of course!boost stick involves no more than that. The PPE controler has a switch and a knob that need to be mounted in the cab so you would have to run a wire into the cab.

If your using your edge as your boost gauge you might want to go with the stick as the edge wont read the higher boost ( above 22/23 psi)levals since it fools the signal it uses for boost! With the controler you chance over boosting as it will raise the boost over 32 psi if you turn it up to high. The stock turbo can go boom if pushed over 33/34 psi!
stock the ecm limits boost to 22/24 psi of boost no matter what tuner you have on the truck, the boost stick is about 100bucks and will raise it to about 28/30 psi depending on how much fuel you add with tuning! the boost controler will raise up to 40psi with the turn of the knob.

YOu do not want to push the stock turbo over 34 psi at all, it will pop. its not if its just when! THere has been lots of dyno testing done by folks and there is no benifit to running more than 30/32 psi with the stock turbo, any more than that the turbo drive pressure is outragious causing your egts to go back up and power to go back down!

Kennedy diesel is the only one who sells the boost stick, and any ppe dealer will sell there controler.

GO here for the boost stick, if you go with the ppe controler i strongly recomend the use of a boost gauge to keep the boos level under <32psi!
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