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Bed Bladder

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Just wanted to share something with the Duramax owners who live in the snow belt. I just purchased a Shur Trax bed bladder for my 03 DA/CC/SB. I put it in yesterday and filled it up. Wow what a difference in the ride. The truck rides smoother:gearjamin and there is not more harmonic imbalance or shake in the truck between 40 and 48 mph:rockin . Here is the site I got it from. Check it out
Da Pilot
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Thats a pretty cool idea, over sand bags and what not, i wonder how it takes to constant freezing?
Add KoolAid youve got one hell of a popcycle.
ABSOLUTLEY, I WAS THINKING MORE ALONG THE LINES OF A SNO CONE. :rof They are actually designed to freeze
Da Pilot:cool
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