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best convertor for my set up is???

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OK, look at my sig...... I plan on doing the stage iv lit soon..... what convertor for stock inj and stock turbo with efi live, lift pump ect..... daily driver... some towing, some play
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Mike L precision(pink monster)
i keep hearing precision is the way to go in in the same boat would like to know too i have my trany on the ground and need to get things ordered
do you guys have contact information
yes need that too if you could pm me thanks
Would there be any advantges to using the 1056 witha stock tranny?
using with a stock tranny would work, but the tq is not the weak link..... if your HP goals are 400hp or so and a mild tuner like 100hp, go with the trans go jr and the tq.... but your alomost at the cost of a stage 2-3 kit
precision man myself
1054 or Precision
We carry both suncoast converters as well as the Mike L precision converter, I'd be happy to get you guys prices if anyone is interested let me know!

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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