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Best Transmission Deals?

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Well my transmission is done and so I was wondering what is the best thing to do. I was wondering if anyone has rebuilt there own and what kits you've used.
I was thinking about getting the new G-max kit and was wondering what would be the best torque converter for it if I did.
Was also wondering if any vendors are having some package deals going on for the lb7.

Any input would be great so thanks guys!
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the question is how much are you looking to spend
Well looks like no matter what ill be spending over 3k so I was shooting for 3-5k but if i can get a deal with alot of stuff for 6 or so then I'd look onto that.

I am planning on doing the rebuild myself and if i get other parts I'd put them on too. The only thing I'd need help with is getting started with the EFI and tunes.
well if you spend 6 you will have a tranny and a half you can get a nice one built for 4 or less
well if you spend 6 you will have a tranny and a half you can get a nice one built for 4 or less
Okay.... By who ghost busters? I paid over 3,000 just for my kit and then had to pay an installed 1400 plus fluids, selenoids, and filter.
No what i am saying is installed i paid 3200 for the kit plus 300 for selenoids, 20 for filter, 200 for fluids, and 1400 for the install. Which equates to 5120 installed. I wish i could have gotten mine done for 4500 or cheaper. I must live in the wrong area of the US. Congrats on the steal for a trans build!

well at the moment I am just trying to get an idea whats out there for the money.
What type of kit did you get and did that include the tc?

I am just trying to figure out the parts cost since I'm planin on doin this myself. Luckaly I've got a back-up vehicle so I'm not in the biggest rush at the moment but the sooner the better.
SC GMAX 5 kit is a good foundation. For a stock turbo truck the 1058 has been working well for most. This will run you around $3,100 give or take.

I run an SCIV with 1055 converter but will be freshening it up with GMAX parts.

If you want to spend more money there is always the billet shafts (about $650 each) Billet C2 hub (about $850 IIRC) and a C3 oiler if it is needed on the GMax which I am unsure of at this moment but if needed it is under $300

FYI you wont need billet shafts or a billet C2 hub with a stock motor truck. And even with a lot of power these things break mainly for reasons that are not directly related to power.

Building them yourself is not hard, but it is a task. Ive done about 9 or so of them IIRC. I dont mind doing them, they are kinda fun to work on.

You will need some numbers to help you through the build if you have questions. My # book for many issues includes

Mike L. @ Inglewood Trans
Tim @ SJD
Eric @ Merchant Auto
Brayden @ FPE
Rob @ ATP

and some others as well. Any of them can answer questions about building the trans. I tend to pick a lot of their brains when i have transmissions that i work on that wont move for no reason. It helps to get a lot of opinions.
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Yea thanks!...thats what I'm looking for on here. Any help or input is great and i love this site

I'm new to this and I just dont wanna get screwed to bad lol...just want a truck to pull and haul a$$

I bought this truck with bad injectors and did them myself without any trouble and have put over 20k on them and havent had problems knock on wood...and they say these allies arent bad so i figured might as well try it

anyway still looking for what others have done and other people who have any input on doing there own trannys
Also I forgot, you are going to need to build some of your own "special" tools to work on the ally.

If you have some metal, a solid table or engine stand, and some good fab skills, you can build a bench stand for the allison. These stands bolt to the PTO housing on either side of the ally (i always bolt it on the non-NSBU side). Otherwise you can stand it up on the bell housing to work on the C4s and stand it up on the rear housing bracing it with 4x4s to remove the C1/C2 hub, pump and replace the C3s.

Another tool you will need to make is something for compressing the C1 springs. There is no way you will compress them without the allison tool or one that you made by yourself. I used a piece of 4" exhaust pipe, then cut a notch out of it to get the snap ring pliers in there. If you have a press all you need is the exhaust pipe, but if you dont have a press or access to one you can build one like mine and it will work great.

Finally you will also probably need to build a tool to keep the main shaft seated correctly. Its simple something that bolts across the main case on the bell housing side with a piece of redi-rod and two nuts to adjust and hold it in place. Not getting this shaft seated right will cause lube holes to be misaligned.

Its also very important to get all of the torrignton thrust bearings installed in the correct orientation, failure to do so means big issues.

Another note is that it is normal for the rear housing to sit up somewhat, but if there is a big gap, something isnt right.


And finally, CHECK CLEARANCES. These will let you know if something wasnt done right.

Here are some pics of my tools on my "trans" bench.

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It is possible to get one done for under 3,500. Just depends. I'm going with a PPE kit
ben is this a question or a statment

nevermind i got it
That is a statement. Just gotta look around. I found a shop that will give me a great deal. and yes they are good, and build allisons all the time. It aint Billy Joes muffler shop.. Just shop around
I cringe when i see PPE kits but maybe they have improved.
Whats wrong with them? They use Alto clutchs and Precision Industries TC

I know many trucks in my area use them. Some of the top pulling trucks around here put them in after smoking ATS kits
sorry for who runs ats but they suck i seen more come out then go in
I agree .
I took my truck int to have a level 4 kit put in it I bought from a vender on DP. He still has one kit for sale. I paid 1300 for the kit shipped and bought a precission ML converter from the dmaxstore for 995. and then paid 1100 for them to remove the tranny and install it. This is the best deal out there. I just got mine back this week end.
By the way I see you are in Nebraska. The shop that rebuilt mine Is the closest suncoast dealer to you but they are in Denver. They specialize in the allison.
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