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I just had my Black 3500 detailed 7/16, the detailer used a black liquid polish in the picture on the right to help cover up the oxidation on, this did NOT do a very good job, I don't actually know what he used, but I do have a idea.
The paint job is 12 years old, never garaged and living in Phx, Az. the heat and sun doesn't help.
In general the paint looks in pretty good condition with the exception of the hood and really bad on the top of the cab.

The picture on the left is after I applied "WEICA Black Paint New Car Wax" that I bought on Amazon, how long with this last 'dunno;, but it sure does look better now.:smile2:

I did the hood Saturday morning it wasn't as bad but does look much better now, I do feel this WEICA Black Wax is pretty good stuff.


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