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Black Smoke Diesel Club Dyno weekend in Central Texas.

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Hey guys we are having our diesel dyno weekend March 6th, 2010 starting at 830AM at 1209A S. Fort Hood St. Killeen Texas.

Its going to be 65 bucks for 3 pulls on the dyno and we will be running all day and into the night. If we dont get all the trucks through on Saturday then we will run on Sunday as well. No problems.

We could surely use more DMax's out there cause right now theres going to be 2, about 20 Cummins, and a crap load of Powerstrokes. Sorry for the late notice, I forgot I was a member on here. Any questions feel free to let me know.
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Ok guys less than 48 hours from go time. We got the food(500 bucks worth), got the drinks, everything is set in place, and were just waiting on Saturday morning to come. Anyone needs more info PM me.

Also if you feel like bringing food or more drinks feel free.

830AM Briefing
900AM Start rollin trucks
901AM-.......... Having fun all day long.
too bad i didnt know about this sooner.
Yeah sorry boss. If ya find some free time on your hands come out out. We def. need more DMax's. I think we got 2 coming right now out of 50+ trucks.
Bout 50 trucks showed. 30 ran, 100 people ate, and over all a dang good day. Sorry for those of yall that didnt make it. You missed a heck of a show. We were out there for 13 hours. Good lord I had fun. Anyhow on to the after party on my ranch out here in Florence. See yall this summer when we do it again, and the next month or 2 when we will do the Black Smoke Diesel Dragstrip Weekend.
Yeah me to cause we only had 1 DMax dyno all day.
Damn i wouldve come for sure. Let me know when the next one is tho and ill set the time aside
Hey will do guys. We are going to do another one this summer scheduled around all the other events. Dyno's arent as popular during the summer it seems. Anyhow I will keep yall informed better next time.
good deal, ill be at swift most of the summer, so not too far away
No results. How about some overall numbers??
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