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2002 LB7
So about 6 months ago I dropped my truck off to get sone service work. (Injectors)
And when I got into the car I notice my air was coming out the defrost vents, so i said shucks the actuator went out so I just manually open it and when I can I’ll replace it. So I got a big I’ll flat head and bam I’m in service.
Well yesterday I replaced it after a Very long time of messing with it I got it. Had it where if for some reason it didn’t work right it was still blowing out the vents.
Well shucks I just went out and bam back out the defrost.
Watched 100 videos on trying to reprogram them, even just had a buddy with a snap on tool try to set them.
He said the truck notices the switch and it’s working correctly but the actuator isn’t moving! It’s going to be 105 today!
Here is my controls if you need them

I have tried disconnecting both batteries for a few minutes,
i have tried taking out the hvac fuses i took two 30 amp ones from under the hood, and one in the instrument panel fuse panel.. there all hvac , nothing that says evas like everywheree online says

then setting both knobs on auto, pull fuses for 2 min, then letting them reset,then off after 15 seconds etc


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