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I wonder if you can put another block heater ont he other side?
Don't see why you couldn't. Either way the temp should stay the same. The only benefit would be that it should take half the time for the coolant to reach the preset temp. Though, it could...and I only say could...hurt how the coolant flows with the engine off. With the single block heater, the temp difference is what keeps the coolant circulating in the system. I suppose it is possible that if there is two heat sources, you would not get a circular motion in the system. Once again, it is just a thought on why it might not work. I do not have a degree in fluid dynamics or anything that comes close. I just remember some basic science from high school.

I would keep the single block heater, and get a oil pan heater instead of trying two block heaters. Then you have the warm coolant, and warm oil to help aid in starting.
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