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i'm gonna put this here because these trucks will have the most miles but this pertains to any and all 99-present C/K series.

what are you guys doing for brake rotors. i've yet to see a truck with more than 25k on it where the rotors hadn't started to rust. been doing a lot more of the abs recalls lately on the higher mileage trucks and front and rear rotors all are rusted on inside face and outer face. front and rear. most only have about a 1 1/2 inch stripe down the middle of the face that is actually usable for stopping. it's almost as if the full pad isn't hitting the rotor due to flex in the bracket. gm has a problem here and their replacement rotors aren't any better.

anybody have any recommendations on aftermarket rotors?
I have 119,000 mile on my 05. My front rotors were warped and all have a lot of rust. I was able to have them turned at the same time I replaced all of the pads. They had less than 50% wear. The machine shop told me not to work about the exterior rust and that the rotors could be turned at least one more time. They work great. Just finished a long trip towing a 14,000 pound fifth wheel.
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