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While some of us work our trucks daily there are those who are gearing up for towing season. Whether it be the boat to the lake for the weekend or the camper up the mountain brakes are a key part to your truck. Most of us over look our brakes till its too late. Perfect example would be the first pull of the season and the truck doesn't stop as well as it did. There could be a number or reasons but we will cover a few key parts that can be checked, replaced or even upgraded which will aid us in stopping and ensuring our safety as well as the safety to others.

Lets start with brake fluid. Just like oil, brake fluid has a lifespan. While manufactures vary on the span of their product its usually best to change the fluid about every two years or 20,000 miles. Obviously if you are working the brakes harder than a daily driver your life of the fluid may be shorten.

If your pedal is feeling a little soft but pads and rotors are good you may want to consider changing the fluid. A complete flush with new fluid could bring some life back into that feeling and save you from throwing money away at new pads/rotors.

We at Synthetic Motorsports have changed brake fluid before and seen the difference this makes firsthand. Its a simple task that can be done in the driveway and save you a lot of money. If we can answer any questions you may have concerning brake fluid please ask. We also offer brake fluid to those whom maybe interested here:
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