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Welcome to DF. For the 05s you will need to do the turbo mouth peace mod, that will help with the overheat issue you are referring to. The intakes on these are fine, unless you are going over 500 hp so save your money and just buy a good replacement filter for it. AMSOIL Synthetic fluids throughout to ensure they are fresh, especially with you driving cross country and putting them on your own schedule. This will help improve your fuel economy along with fuel additives and cetane booster.

There are several tuners on the market today. On the high end, EFI Live is without a doubt the best. You can do about anything with EFI. In the middle comes canned tuners with anywhere from 2-4 or 5 preprogrammed tunes. All of them claim improved performance and fuel economy but you will find that improvement in some is minimal and really depends on how you are driving it.

If I can be of further assistance, just PM me.

Take care,
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