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breaking in new LBZ

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I'm sure that this has probably been asked numerous times, but I've searched: "breaking in" "breakin" break in” to no avail.

This is my first diesel so I'm sure I will have many questions.

Can someone on here tell me the proper break-in procedure? I looked in my manual earlier but didn't notice the LBZ referenced anywhere, even under capacities. Maybe I received the wrong manual? Maybe I'm just burnt out from stress of truck shopping all day :blowup and can't see it. Or maybe I'm just too excited about my recent purchase?

Anyway I apologize if this is a beaten topic but I can't find anything other than 2 blurbs about running it hard.

I would also like to know the recommended interval for the first engine oil change.

Thanks for any advice.
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Whe i bought mine i just took it easy for the first 500 miles, and did the first oil change then also!
Its all personal preferance. Some people say drive it like you stole it for the first 1000 miles others say baby it. I tried to drive mine a variable speeds some highway and some not for 500 miles. I drove mine 2500 miles and did first oil change then 5000 miles for second and every 5000 after that. Change fuel filter every 10,000 and differential at 20,000 Your not suppose to tow under 500 miles as well.

Hey guys, just got my 07 3500 quad cab dually today and was wondering why the redline is ~4700 but the truck shifts at 3500 at WOT. I only tried this once due to me still breaking it in, is it a governer until ~500 miles is reached or does the redline mean nothing?

Thanks a lot!
Im sure the truck shifts closer to redline when you have it under load. The break in won't make a difference on where the shift point is. Also try putting the truck in "Tow / Haul mod" and see where it shifts at during WOT.

Hope your happy with your new dmax. Im sure youll be more than happy :D

rota92 4700 Red line..?

The Manual say's... it's for manuel downshift's..
The Manual say's... it's for manuel downshift's..
U actually read that thing?!.... Huh. :cookoo

Haha thanks guys!

I read through it a bit last night at dinner, but it was more to find this 'coil-like' light this sales guy told me to look out for before turning it over so the glow plugs were all set. But I found nothing of it, so i browsed a bit more, did some calculus and went to bed. But its a lot of reading, thats for sure!

Well about two minutes after I posted this I started it up, and saw the coil lol

first time they must have gotten cold enough to need the prime or whatever happens I swear by it. I never tryed it on a diesel but its been the best thing Ive done for gas motors.
Break In Procedure

I am also a New 2007 2500HD owner with just 400 miles on mine. I was reading in my many manuals that the break-in procedure should be like 500 miles not exceeding 55 mph (according to the manual). Also, it says NOT to tow a trailer until after the 500 mile break-in and from 500 - 1000 miles to not tow the trailer over 50 mph.

Finally, there is a spot in there somewhere saying that the break-in oil should be changed between 2000 and 3000 miles. My dealer confirmed this yesterday.

I drove mine all weekend trying to get the 500 miles on it, I should be over 500 today. I can't wait to see how this thing is going to haul the 24' car trailer.

Hope this helps ...
Hey Sprint,
Thanks for the reply. I did see what you mentioned in the owners manual, but the 50mph things seemed a little ridiculous. I feel that it is more about low rpms than low mph. At 70 we're turning 1800 rpm's with the 6 spd Allison. I'm pretty sure my '95 Tacoma manual had a low mph recommendation too, when I bought my '06 Tundra Toyota had dropped the low mph advice and went to low rpms (I do realize the LBZ is not a Toyota).

Anyway I did my first oil change in my garage at 1000 miles and plan to change the external tranny filter as soon as I pick up a qt of the new Dextron 6.

On a side note, I've got about 3800 miles and have averaged 16.7 mpg (265 tires accounted for and hand calculated) for the life of the truck with 2 months of 4wd (lots of snow here in Denver this year),really cold temps, and very little highway.

Just recently it's warmed up and my last tank of mixed driving netted 17.87 :rockin So far my best tank has been 18.2 with 80% highway with temps in the 20's. I can't wait to tow our new RV when it arrives, should loosen up the LBZ even more (from what I've read).
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