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Broken Alternator Bracket Mount

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My truck was making this ticking sound from around my belts sunday night, and as I was looking for the source of this sound I found this;

The rear lower mount is broken clean off. Obviously this is not good, but do I need to fix this before I drive 600 miles this weekend? What is the fix for this? Tig it back together or replace are the only options I see.
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i would replace asap----the load will be thrown for welding the piece is probably white metal and not really weldable
Wow I agree. You could get it welded for now but Id replace it. That is alot of strain on that front ear. Did you ever have the alt off or replaced? Maybe someone over tightened? :confused:

Replaced it today with a salvage yard replacement from a burnt 04 duramax. Not the worst thing I have ever done, but also not funnest by any means. Only charged me $40 for the whole mount bracket with both idlers and the tensioner, didnt use them since both my idlers are new anyways but I have two extras now.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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