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01-07 LB7 check to see if & when injector service was done. Hopefully at least it made the recall. 01-07 check all the trucks for dripping of a leak at some point from the transfer case. Always a good deal to see if there is any pressure in the coolant system after the truck sits for a extended period, bubbling from resivour when running, or the coolant overflow having black residue built up or tinted black. 04.5-05 LLY trucks seems the worst for head gaskets. Any of the above sign will tell ya or if they just replaced a water pump. I didnt noticed til after my head gaskets failed but you could tell when I bought the truck that the upper radiator hose looked swollen even with no pressure on it. Like it was stretched.

Those are biggest things, also on the 04.5-05 LLY we had harness rub problems at injectors #2/#7, at the FIC, and the 2 big bulk connectors on driver side. My LLY got almost 300k on uts OE Injectors.

Throw the VIN of interested truck on here and see what kind of history it shows. Biggest thing like any used vehicle is service history. Has it been maintained properly etc.

Also if you have a scanner or friend with one it doesnt hurt to check things like desired vs actual fuel pressure and balance rates. Loping idle or hiccup could me FPR going bad. All the engine models had their own little quirks. Really depends on model your looking for. 06-07 LBZ is most desirable but I love my LLY.
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