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Buzzing from little speaker looking thing

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I've been searching for a thread I saw a few months back but can't find it.

I have a buzzing coming from the little speaker looking thing above the driver's head area. It's only about 1" in diameter. I can put a little pressure on it and the buzzing goes away. I can't remember what this thing does, but I want to say it's something to do with the climate control system.

Thanks for any input and if anyone has the link to the thread on fixing it, please post it.
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that is a sensor for temperature if I remember right. It is for the climate control, and I beleive there is a fan in there as well. There may be something stuck in there, or possibly a bad fan.

hope this helps
Mine makes a horrible noise at times also !! It won't be long.. If it keeps make this noise it may no longer be in my truck !!!!! :mad:
I have this problem also. Someone told me that they read about it on an avalanche forum and it is indeed a HVAC component for climate control. He was a little vague when paraphrasing the article but said that the forum told him not to remove it becuase it will mess up the climate controls. He also said that it was reportedly very easy to replace. Does anyone have any idea of a part number for replacement?
I would imagine this to be true for the "Auto Climate Control". But yet I never use it, I am a manuel override kinda guy..
someone told me its the mic. for the on star system
someone told me its the mic. for the on star system
Nope. That is up by the rearview.

Its for the HVAC system. What its exact purpose is I would like to know.
I posted that thread a while ago. Let me see if I can find it

if that doesnt work type in annoying noise in cab in the search button
Thanks Tyler! Yep, that's the one. I couldn't find the thread (I was looking for "buzzing" not "annoying").
Had this problem in my Yukon. Dealer replaced it under warranty. My srvice writer said you have to pull the head liner to replace it, what a pain in the ass.
Try some lube spray directly in it and see if that helps. Thats what I will do if any go bad again.
it IS for the climate IS EASY to change.............there is NO mic in it either,you do NOT have to remove the headliner,just pop off the door seal at the top,then you can access it from the driver's side on top the headliner......
My srvice writer said you have to pull the head liner to replace it,
he's full of shit I hate to say........
Is this a dealer only item or is it available in a quality after market product?
i dunno,they sure are FREE at the junkyard though!!!!
I didn't hear that. LOL
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