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cab air filter

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Has anyone replaced the cabin air filter yet? I'm wondering what the interval actually is, instead of the suggested interval. I'v got 46K on my DM now.
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No, I don't even know if I have one? Never looked.
look in the your truck manual, in the maintence section
Hi capeace, I know what the owners manual says, I'm looking for someone that has an idea of what the actual cycle is though. Kinda like changing your AT fluid, some never do and some change it at the schedule in the owners manual. You'll find where/how to change your cabin air filter in your owners manual.

I think you need to change your filter. Especially if you run your heat and air fan a lot and you have any kind of dust at all. After a while, it will restrict the air flow and that's not good. And, it can get a bacteria culture growing in it and at the least it will smell bad. It is the paper kind. It is located under the dash on the passenger side. It is a little difficult to get to, but once you figure it out you can do it yourself. Replacements are at the dealer parts dept. Have fun!
Yeah, if you have one, I would change it about once a year. On my 01 it actually had 2 filters slid in side by, you will probably have to buy to filters. You can get one big one up there, so they had to make them separate. Pretty easy to do if you have a skewdriver (90* screwdriver).
as a little note i seen then at autozone were i live for like $9.99 if that is cheap or expensive i dont have a clue compared to other stores. just thought i would give the heads up were you might wanna shop for one.
Well, I finally got aroundtuit! I changed the cab air filter(s) yesterday. They obviously had never been changed. They were full of dirt and black with mold :eek: :eek: . I'm sure glad I followed the advice not to remove the screw above the transmission hump completely. The filter(s) was $15.99 for the standard, and $49.95 for the charcoal impregnated filter at Autozone. There was so much junk on the filters that I had to use the shop vac to clean up. BTW, all trucks,SUV's, 1999-2002, takes the same filter.
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