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I just bought a 08 duramax and had to redo all the front end basically, ball joints, pitman, shocks ect. I noticed it already had a DPF delete done so I put 4 inch straight pipe and it is white smoking pretty good while driving before I straight piped it it didn't smoke at all, when in park it quickly stops smoking white and a little black comes out. I checked the the injectors and the all read perfect under 2.0 +/- . But did notice some slowly disappearing coolant from reservoir. The EGR is still on it and I ordered a full delete kit. It has not been tuned from what I can tell, if I tune it and delete egr will that stop the smoke? Heads codes that come up are regular codes except the new ( see owners Manuel now and clean exhaust filter).

Any reassurance would be appreciated and help with a cheaper diagnostic programmer that I can hook up without spending efi live money. I will get the shift on the fly switch tho.
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