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I understand with the EPA BS going on lately, it is becoming more difficult if not impossible to find a full exhaust system for these trucks. With that said, can anyone PM me where I might be able to still get one please? I figured PM might be better, that way no one has to worry about EPA chiming in. I am mostly familiar with flo pro but I understand that they do not make delete kits anymore. Hoping someone still has a kit sitting on their shelf somewhere. I have seen Jamo exhaust kits, but I am not familiar with their build quality or availability.

I am searching for a 4" WITH muffler. Does not need to be super fancy, just want something that will work the way it should. I would even consider just a delete pipe. This is for a 2016 LML. Reason for deleting is I have the P21DD code about the Def tank heater that needs replaced, and my warranty is pretty much about up. So rather than trying to fix it my self (only $200) I would rather just move on from it and be done.

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