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I've been trying to use a SuperChips Cortex model 2805 on my 2004.5 lly Duramax. It begins to read stock file and errors out saying "vehicle did not respond".

I have read up on threads and have done the following:
pulled fuses for radio and info
disconnected the aftermaket alarm
installed 2 new batt because the other 2 were working but tested weak
I sanded ground contact and tighten the grounds contact beneath the driver door on frame

The prior owner (my brother-in-law) said he loaded an Diablo In Tune and was able to return it to stock. He tried later to load tune again and was unable to read stock file. The current Flashpaq/Superchips will prompt if the stock file is not "stock". It however is able to recognize that the truck ECM is not locked and does not have an aftermarket tune. The reason I believe this is the case is because, it reads to 3% and then it gives the "vehicle did not respond".

I have read that LLY's have many glitches are at times difficult to tune.

I would like to purchase EFI live, but I am concerned of paying 1000.00 and not being able to read the stock file. From what I understand, reading the stock file is a prerequisite for flashing/tuning the aftermarket EFI tunes.

I am looking for any advice, options, and anyone that can give me some direction with this.

I am suspecting a loose ground somewhere. A bad BCM, a bad module somewhere, or a short somewhere in my electrical.

I did pull a DTC code of DTC U1000 Class 2 Data Link Malfunction

Also a DTC of U1301 Short to Battery Voltage High

2004.5 LLY GMC 2500 HD with 3 inch level, EGR Blocker Plate, PCV reroute, Intake Mouthpiece, Resonator Delete, Aftermarket Pioneer with Axxess Module to retain steering controls/chime
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