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So I recently bought a 2001 Dmax. SES light was on, replaced to injectors, all is well.

Ordered the Edge CTS (price was great) it now reads codes and all readings from the ECM, including injector flow rates, rail pressure,etc...

Well, cant get the damn thing to work on my truck, kept cooming up with the error "turn key on" because it couldnt read my VIN. Worked with EDGE and they found out the module couldnt read my VIN. Took it to the dealer today to reflash my ECM thinking someone F'd it up with a tech 2. They cant read or write that part of my ECM, say the ECM is bad.

Everything else works, scan tools work, etc, just cant read or write the VIN! This doesnt really make sense to me. I realize they cant write it with their tech 2 tool, but cant someone wipe this thing out completely and re-flash it. I dont imagine there is something physcially wrong with JUST that on my ECM... I know on the Audi's if you F up the programming, you have to take the ECM apart, and ground it while bench flashing it...could this be the same? Anyone... bueler....bueler....bueler....
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