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Hi Everyone,

I'm a little confused by some of the posts I have seen, and what I read in the 2015 service manual that I have concerning the capacity of the MW7 Allison transmission in my 2015 Chevy HD Duramax.

My understanding from reading the forum is that the capacity for filling the transmission after draining the transmission and swapping filters is 7.4 quarts.

The manual says that the capacity 7.4 quarts after draining, changing the spin on filter and removing the pan.

I was under the impression that in the stock pan setup there would be some fluid in the pan. That made me question the 7.4 quart capacity for both. I'm wondering if draining the transmission without removing the pan results in the same amount of fluid being drained.

Can someone confirm that volume for me? (It's really not that big a deal to keep an eye on things during refilling. Just something that would make things easier.)


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