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cat problems

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working on an old v-8 cat diesel currently in a grain truck.
not sure what size the motor is. here is the problem. the truck starts easily and runs for a few minutes and then sputters and dies. if i wait a few minutes, it will start right back up and do the same thing. there is a little white/blue haze as soon as it fires and then it goes away. I replaced the fuel filter and pump with no success. any ideas what it could be? :help
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it kinda sounds like you might have a resticted fuel line somewhere. try using a bucket of fuel and pull fuel from there just before your filter. good luck
sounds like it could be a junk fuel line into the pump housing
does it die if you rev it at a higher idle for some time?

sounds to me like your sucking and air bubble from somewhere or theres shit in your tank
thats what i thought too and i dropped the tank and checked it to be sure and put a new fuel pick up in the tank also. the messed up part is this thing has ran great for years and all of a sudden does this crap. to answer the other question, it does keep running if its sitting still and i rev it up. it only does this after a few minutes of driving. today we checked all the fuel lines (no leaks) and drained the tank (again) with no luck. tomorrow, we start replacing fuel line!
Dont forget about the return side of the fuel system. After it dies, what happens if you try and restart it directly afterwards? Crack a fuel line loose after it dies, then crank to verify that you indeed have a fuel supply problem.
sounds like its a 3208 cat. deff symptoms of sucking air
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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