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I've got an 06 LBZ with cel P0621. I had the batteries and atl tested today and all checked out to be good. No dash light for battery and no message on the odometer for battery not charging. Voltmeter shows 14.1 when the truck is running. Could a bad ground somewhere be causing this?

The code has come and gone over the last couple weeks but today the truck went into limp mode and turbo wouldn't build anymore than 1lb of boost. (sorry to the folks behind me on the highway getting smoked out - she's normally not like that 😅) I also have a cel for P0106 which could cause limp mode? I'm not sure on that one...

The only mods I've done as far electrical are a sub and amp (have had for well over a year with no issues), lift pump (recently added this past winter), and aftermarket tail lights and 3rd brake light (have been installed for nearly 2 year - as long as I've owned the truck)

Thanks in advance!
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