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Chevy Going To Cummins In 07

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The rumor mill starts here. I dont know if this is true or not. But I heard chevy is going to put cummnis motors in 07. Now isnt cummins owned by ford. If thats true then we will have a ford motor in a chevy truck.
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how could cummins be owned by ford when they are put in dodges? Is this just word of mouth or do you have anything to back it up (website or press release)? Or, are you just trolling?
:programme It might have changed. But when I was in tech school the talk was that ford owned cummins. I maybe wrong. And if I am I am sorry but tell the truth. but thats what guy said.
do you have the balls

I want know b4 I GET FUKD. Is this diesel the best or not ? :ar15
ford does not has not owned cummins. ford had an intrest in it i believe. thats all. if ford owned cummins why wouldnt they put the cummins in thier own trucks? dodge and cummins has a contract until about 2010 i think. gm and cummins aint gonna happen. for a while any way. but if ford owned cummins that would explain why the cummins is as good as it is.
Hey guys that rumor started a while back when Ford owned stock in cummins for a while. They've since sold it. Rumors fly all the time, but that's gotta be one of the stupidest i've ever heard. Chevy has a good thing going with the duramax, and this year's engine is awesome. It's going to get really good the next few years. And if a cummins engine is going to go from a dodge to any other truck, it'll be in a Ford first before it ever saw a chevy. Try fitting a cummins in the chevy engine bay ....ain't happenin.
who makes Dmax? chevy?

powerstroke is made by international, cummins is cummins, does GM make the Dmax or is it by an outside company?? dodge has gentric trans(i call them"generic") chevy/gmc has allison, does ford make there own trans?
The GM duramax engines were co developed with Isuzu. I am pretty sure that Ford makes their own transmissions, but i'll find out for sure.
Dmax LTD (is it ltd?) is a joint partnership between GM and Isuzu Motors. GM owns 51% I believe. GM also owns part of Isuzu Motors (10% I believe.)

Ford makes their own automatic transmission, Torqshift.
I believe Dodge makes their own too?
Yeah from what I have heard that Dodge makes their own Transmissions too......good manuals, autos kinda stink
GM is in negotiations with Chyrsler/Mercedes to purchase Dodge. I see a Cummins with an Allison forthcoming.
Cummins is a publicly traded company, owned by the stockholders. Not Ford.
There is actually a long drawn out story to this, but in a nutshell, no Ford has no ownership. Cummins has some stock in all of the big 3, and Dodge and Cummins have a contract for engines for light duty trucks only. This is why the 5.9 Cumminsis available in F650 and up trucks. Different segment.
So, with that contract in place, unlikely that GM will be outsourcing their diesel engines, and like posted, the Dmax has been an excellent motor for them. There was alot of suspicion from non GM loyalists, but the motor design has proven itself to work, and work well. Bottom line, if it ain't broke they won't fix it. Cheaper that way.

Besides, if GM went to Cummins where would we all go to pick on each other about trucks?:rof Boy the Ford guys would be pissed!:tease
GM is in negotiations with Chyrsler/Mercedes to purchase Dodge. I see a Cummins with an Allison forthcoming.
Pretty much what Diesel Nut said. I don't see GM dumping the Duramax. It's done a great job for them, despite some issues it has been a very successful engine. I would be more worried about the Cummins going away.
I love my "stock" '03 Duramax w/ Allison. Pull a 35 Ft Carriage CKQ loaded with cookers, generator, and the lot. Up and down Interstates 81 and 95, across both 70 and 68 (some big hills there) as well as 77 chasing NASCAR and family vacations. I just have to mash the throttle to go. Only problem is just before the TN state line in Bristol VA -- ran into a state trooper who thought 83 mph UP the hill was a little much. Oh well, $275 later I was chasing sun-and-fun again. Thanks for setting the record straight. :)
As far as rumors go in changing of engines, there are some pretty big GM dealerships around and some of their service ppl say Chevrolet and Caterpillar are trying to come up with a smaller cat engine like a skidsteer diesel to put in the 09 possibly 2010 chevys.....but thats just some dealerships around here. Ive tried to find info on it but i cant, so if its true there are some things happening behind public scenes
I just talked to a GM rep the other day and he said it is HIGHLY unlikely that gm would by dodge. he said none of the big 3 are stable enough to undertake something like that. Cummins and Allison combo would be sweet though.
like some one said earlier ford owned a big share of cummins but had to sell to pay for some warranty work for the 6.0L PSD and cummins turbo technologies is a independent company,as far as gm buying chrysler corp. they are looking at creating an alliance or buying out right but probablily won't...yes gm has a diesel that is doing a excellent job for them and mated with a very good tranny...if gm would buy chrysler cummins would no longer be under contract with chysler leaving gm with out the cummins,therefor cummins would be up for grabs do you think gm would do that,i would be very surprised if gm would let that happen,lets say they would and cummins would be up for grabs and ford would end up with the cummins what would happen to gm they would lose a lot of sales because of ford having cummins,besides the best thing about dodge is the cummins....just my $.02
I don't think that is true, I have heard from a friend of mine that CAT pulled out with Ford and the new Fords are gong to have the Cummins...
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