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Click and No start

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Picked up a 03 friday, ran awesome got great fuel mileage on the way home. Drove it around that evening quite a bit, shut off and restarted fine. I thought my batteries sounded like they were getting weak, then saturday morning i start it up throw it in reverse and im about backed out when it dies. No funny noises just dies, Now everytime i try starting it back up i just hear the solenoid click and nothing else. I went ahead and put 2 new batteries in it and checked all connection and still just a click. Only other thing i found out of ordinary was this wire under the starter relay.
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what pins on the relay is that wire across?
my geuss is the relay died and a po "fixed" it
you could try a new relay and hope for the best, but remember a relay is just a switch so with the relay out of the circuit power was never shut off to whatever it controls.
Do you know the starter works?
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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