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Close to getting my First D-Max

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Hi my name is Sawyer and im 16 yrs old. I live in New Franken WI which is about 5min. from Green Bay, I am a part time HS student and Part Time College student through an apprenticship program, so I go to High school until noon then I am supposed to go apprenticship for welding for the rest of the day. Then 2 night a week I go to a technical college for welding classes. Only problem is I still havent gotten a work placment yet. My inttrests include Farming, Racing, and Metal Fab. Now I dont currently have a duramax, im running around with a 1997 ford power ranger
4x4 but as soon as i get my welding job or mabey sooner im gonna go snap up a duramax I got my eye on. I just wanted to join first so I could get a better idea of what to look for in a truck. Thanks, and i hope thats ok.
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buy the newest one you can afford. LB7's (01-04.5) have injector eating problems that can be expensive.
LLY (04.5-05) has a few little issues that can be fixed up real easy
LBZ (06-07.5) are the tits
LMM (07.5-10) new body style. LBZ with new body style and more emissions shit
oh they're great trucks. just make sure the injectors have been done recently.
Okay, what would injectors run me? And my father went to school for diesel mechanics back in the early 80s but became a carpenter so he said he could prolly figure out how to change them, plus we gave a friend who owns a auto repair shop so he could answer any further questions. So basically just injectors without labor?
around 2 large from lincoln diesel.
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