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Close to getting my First D-Max

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Hi my name is Sawyer and im 16 yrs old. I live in New Franken WI which is about 5min. from Green Bay, I am a part time HS student and Part Time College student through an apprenticship program, so I go to High school until noon then I am supposed to go apprenticship for welding for the rest of the day. Then 2 night a week I go to a technical college for welding classes. Only problem is I still havent gotten a work placment yet. My inttrests include Farming, Racing, and Metal Fab. Now I dont currently have a duramax, im running around with a 1997 ford power ranger
4x4 but as soon as i get my welding job or mabey sooner im gonna go snap up a duramax I got my eye on. I just wanted to join first so I could get a better idea of what to look for in a truck. Thanks, and i hope thats ok.
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injectors without labor will run you 1500-2400 bucks depending on who you buy them from.

Labor is the big issue, changing injectors on an lb7 is right at a 17hr ordeal, most of which is getting to them and then putting all the shit back. If the truck has ever been overheated very bad you will likely have issues with the injector cups being stuck to the injectors(more time and more money)

If you can avoid an LB7 it would be best as you being young your budget will not like the money you have to dump into repairs
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